• Will you play requests?

      Absolutely! If you want requests at your event, we have over 100,000 songs for you and your guests.

    • Is your music legal?

      Yes, the only legal form of music for DJs is AVLA licensed music, which is purchased online through numerous companies.

    • Will you play songs from my ipod?

      Unfortunately, we can't due to music licensing laws. However, we have over 100,000 songs and we can make sure we have that certain song prior to the event if requested. (See DJ Questionnaire)

    • Will you announce requests?

      Yes, if it requested to do so.

    • Will you MC?

      Yes, we can. However, in our experience, MCs are always better when it's someone that knows the bride and/or groom or even family members.

    • Will you play musical/party games if requested

      We can indeed! Like MC duties, this is noramlly best played by your MCs, however if you give clear instructions for the games you wish to play then we can do it for you.

    • Can you provide a projector service for a slide show or speech?

      Yes, we have a projector and 100" screen that is great for any event. All we need from you is the material (CD/DVD/USB Flash disk that will play with no additional software). Additional charges apply for this service.

    • Do we need to provide the DJ and his assistant food at the event?

      We ask that you please provide us a meal for bookings that last longer than 4 hours.

    • What happens if your equipment fails?

      Our equipment is the best in the industry as well as being tested and serviced weekly.

    • Do you have microphones for our MC to use?

      Yes, we have high-powered wireless mics and backup wired mics.

    • When will you set up for my event?

      Typically we set up 1 hour before people are due to arrive, but if it is local we may set up the night before or early in the morning the day of, depending on venue restrictions.

    • What will you wear to my event?

      We are always presentable and will dress accordingly. You will see us in shirts and ties for most formal events, and polo shirts for less formal events.

    • How much is the deposit?

      We ask for a $250 retainer. This holds your date and will be applied towards your balance. This is non-refundable. 

    • Do you have liability insurance?

      Yes, in the extremely unlikely situation where would need it, we are fully covered.

    • Why do you need a retainer?

      We always ask for a retainer to hold the date so we don't over book. Being a small business we presently have three setups and three DJs allowing us to do up to (3) events on any given day/night. Generally we don't book more than two in case of sickness. 

    • What happens if you are ill?

      In the unlikely instance where one of the DJs are ill, we have 2 other DJs, all of which are fully capable of performing at your function. Traditionally, I travel with one assistant.

    • How and when do we pay you?

      We accept visa, mastercard, debit, cheque, e-transfer and cash prior to the event. The balance is due in full one week before the event. The only accepted form of payment less than one week before is cash. This is due no later than at the start of the event to avoid delay.

    • Can you play longer if need be?

      All of our DJ packages cover a minimum of 4hrs. We offer additional hours and services past this time. If on the night you want to add additional time, we are often able to accommodate at an increased charge.

    • What if we are behind/ahead of schedule?

      Our prices are based on a time agreed prior to the event. We understand events aren't always on time, and we are happy to play before/past the scheduled time if we are able to. Of course, additional charges will apply.

    • Why choose AJ & CJs DJ Services?

      Quite simply, we are a family based local company that believes in providing you the best DJ services at the best prices. We offer great customer service and keep up to date with all the latest songs and equipment.