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  • We have something for everyone. Weddings, School Discos, Corporate Events, Charity Fundraisers, Sweet 16s, 18ths, you name it, we can do it! With nothing but the best equipment in the industry, we will make your event one to remember! On some events we offer a prize package for things like “Best Dancer” which can be anything from funny hats to a gift card!

    Rest assured, our music comes from legal AVLA-Licensed companies. Put that together with Serato Scratch Live, top of the line mixers and decks, a 7,400w Sound System, Intelligent Lighting and you have an incredible system to dance the night away with! We also have a 2010 Pace American Trailer, which guarantees all our equipment will arrive on time and without damages! If you’re looking for a slide show or video presentation, we also offer a projector service so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

    Due to every event being unique and varied for time, we don’t have standard rates. We ask that you contact us with all of the information for the event, so we can take it all into consideration and give you the best possible quote.

    We invite you to look at our booking page for links to business services that may help you for all your event needs.

    Below is a list of companies that people often associate with DJs and have questions about. Please note, the only official licensing that I am required to have is that of the AVLA for the songs I play during the event. All others are normally supplied by the venue, or the venue will ask you to pay for the fee.

    AVLA Licensing (Click Here)

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    PAL (Click Here)